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Work in Progress Projects

The Wild Street 1.png


Documentary | In-Production

One street, three women from three generations, witness the rise and end of China as the world factory for the textile business. In Wuhuan, the city hit tragically by covid-19, they strive to lead life to a full extend, as a wife, a daughter and a mother, in a changing world.

Director: Lucy Huang 


Yue ZHANG, Ruoyao Jane Yao


Zizhen WANG, Wanning SHI

West Lake International Documentary Festival

 Guangzhou International Documentary IFF


DMZ International Documentary Film Festival







Documentary  | In-Production

In the remote villages in Guizhou province, China, the Dong Ethnic group reminds their oldest tradition of bullfighting as one of their entertainment activities. People had long formed a special relationship with the bull based on farming culture.

Director: Luis Cucenca Castro 

Producers: Jenny Chou, Ruoyao Jane Yao

CHINA 354- Still 1.jpg


Documentary | In Production

A sketch of Chinese people in 354 days.

“CHINA 354” is a feature-length documentary about the Chinese. It is made of 354 one-minute films, shot through 354 days from the Chinese Lunar Pig year, Feb. 05, 2019, to Jan. 24, 2020.


Director Luis Cuenca Castro travelled to more than 50 cities in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South-East Asia met with Chinese individuals and groups and created an original and intimate look at contemporary China. The film explores family, home, public spaces, love, identity, faith, freedom, sovereignty and attitude towards the future, dissecting ordinary Chinese people's current living conditions and thoughts. 2019-2020 is a transformative year for China and the world, and the film tries to capture every day, every hour, and every minute of the year.

Director: Luis Cucenca Castro 

Producers: Jenny Chou, Ruoyao Jane Yao

屡步修行 剧照1.jpg


Documentary | Development 

Easter is a major religious holiday in the Philippines, where around 80% of the country's population is Roman Catholic. While most people spend Good Friday at church or attending family gathering, devotees in the province of Pampanga mark the occasion with the more extreme kinds of religious rituals such as carrying wood crosses along with a group of self-flagellating men and reenacting real-life crucifixion.

Director: Luis Cucenca Castro 

Producers: Jenny Chou, Ruoyao Jane Yao

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