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Film  | 37 m | 2023

This film is about haunting memories of Asia's late 20th-century modernization. The story departs from a 1965 United States embargo on the hair trade, known as the "Communist Hair Ban". Yet, in every wig resides a ghost from the imperial past.


Wigs were vital for the rise of the Asian economy in the post-war era. In the heyday of the 1960s, it was the number four export in Hong Kong's export-orientated industrialization. Between Mao's China - the largest source of hair supplies, and the insatiable Western market, Hong Kong functioned as the gateway. In 1965, U.S. Treasury Department imposed an embargo on "Asiatic hair", to cut off foreign currency to Communist China in the hair trade. The highly racialized category of "Asiatic hair" was later revised as "communist hair", to enable the wig industry to develop in U.S. allies, including mainly South Korea and Japan, which led to a significant reconfiguration of light industry in East Asia. Departing from the moment of the communist hair ban, through stories of movement, diaspora and migration, this project examines the role of Hong Kong as a transient space that mediates and sanitizes the connection between different worlds and the relationship between U.S. Imperialism and East Asia order in the Cold War era.

Written, Directed and Edited by: Bo Wang


Produced by: Ruoyao Jane Yao

Executive Producer: Jia Zhao


Director of Photography: Yavuz Selim Isler


Cameraman (Hong Kong): Fai Wan


Sound Recording: Franco van der Linde


Casting Director: Sai-wang Lau


Makeup: Ika Kartika


Color Grading: Bob Lemm


Jia Zhao, Hamza Junaid, Tommy Tse


Zoenie Liwen Deng, Ruoyao Jane Yao, Zoe Tang,

Michael de Ross, Sidney Vereycken, Sai-wang Lau,

Jo-Lene Ong


Produced by:
Geodesic Studio, Vines Films


Thanks to
WAAG Society, Amsterdam


16mm Film Transfer and Scanning
Andec Filmtechnik, Berlin




★ New:Vision Award,

CPH:DOX 2023

★ Arkipel Award,

Arkipel 2023

★ Forum Lenteng Award,

Arkipel 2023

★ Award for Excellence,

Image Forum Festival 2023

★Cosmos Award for the Best Innovative Film,

Curtocircuito IFF 2023

★ New Jury Award,

Curtocircuito IFF 2023

★ Golden Dove Award,

DOK Leipzig 2023

★ Grand Prix André S. Labarthe,

Festival Entrevues Belfort 2023

★ Winner Documentary Short,

Sharjah Film Platform, 2023

★ Honorable Mention,

e-flux Film Award, 2024

White Joy 3.png


Documentary Short  | 25 m | 2020

The funeral ceremony is the last ritual of life. It marks the departure of a member of his family and society. When an elderly passed away is known as "White Joy". An ensemble of suona plays throughout the days of mourning. The sound is both joyful and full of sorrow. Joy signifies the completion of a life cycle and sadness for grieving the deceased.


This piece captures the last day of the funeral ceremony -the banquet, the procession and the burial. This is a profile into Dong people’s peculiar ritual, an idea on life and death, moral ethics, religion, family and social structure.


The circle of life: ending a life to continue life.

Director: Luis Cucenca Castro 

Producer: Jenny Chou

Associate Producer : Ruoyao Jane Yao

Camerimage International Film Festival 


May 1 still 3_edited.jpg


Documentary | 20 m | 2021

It’s a story of a Chinese working-class family told in a day.


On 2021 May 1st Mr Wang woke up before 7 am and was ready to start the day of work like any regular day. Mr Wang and his wife have worked in Beijing's recycling business for the past thirty years; their two sons joined them three years ago. They each have their role within the system of recycling work.

The whole family fought around the clock to make it to the deadline to bring a truck full of recyclables to the collection centre at midnight. The next day, the same work and schedule repeat, and they work from the moment they open their eyes until they close them. Working-class people's action is all year round, none stop but always keep an optimistic and open-mindedness, is not about income but responsibility. Through one day of their life, the story is an insight into the Chinese working-class people's lives, with the action they pay tribute to life.  

Director: Luis Cucenca Castro 

Producers: Jenny Chou, Ruoyao Jane Yao

 Xining First International Film Festival for Nespresso Talent Award


International Documentary Film Festival of Castellorizo “Beyond Borders" for Best Short 


Bride Token Image 5.png


Drama | 16 m | 2021

When facing an unintended pregnancy, an intercultural couple has to make decisions about their relationship and their future under family pressures due to cultural differences.

Director/ Writer: Xiaoyan Sasha Li

Producer: Ruoyao Jane Yao, Adiel Jacob Eshkenazi


Director of Photography: Joewi Verhoeven

Editors:Yinong Xia, Richelle van Loon

Composer: Rikard Borggard, Fernan Mejuto Vazquez

Sound Designer: Zhe Ding, Angelina De Braekeleer, Wouter Besse

Main Cast :

Zihan Shen, Karel Konings, Réjane Daniel, Erik Jan Sint,  Miko Tsai 

Leiden International

Film Festival 


St. Louis International Film Festival


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